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CALL FOR BAREBONES:(469) 346-6340
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Car Audio

Sound System

Importance of Your Sound System

If music is important to you, there is no reason your car audio system should not reflect your love for music. Something as simple as a new set of speakers or sub-woofers has the potential to completely revolutionize your listening experience. Definition, clarity, and rich sound quality. These are the things our car audio technicians strive to provide for our customers.


Convenience is Key

Ready to listen to music like never before? Whether you're looking for convenient or state-of-the-art car audio solutions, our Car Audio team is ready to help. For specifics about our car audio services, find an Alta Mere location near you. Products and pricing may vary by location - please check with your local Alta Mere for price and availability.


Car Audio Game Changers:

Looking to enhance a specific component of your sound system? The car audio professionals at Alta Mere can help you make a selection from our large car audio inventory, which includes but isn't limited to the following:

  • Car Stereo Components
  • Speakers
  • iPod Car Audio Accessories
  • Car Sub-woofers
  • Audio Systems
  • Replacement Head Units
  • Speaker System Upgrades
  • Amps & Other Accessories.

FAQs About Car Audio

Q: What if I cannot find the car audio component I am looking for?
A: If we don't have the audio solution you need, we can custom order it. We're dedicated to customer satisfaction, so we go above and beyond to ensure that you find what you are looking for, without a hassle.

Q: What kind of replacement head unit can I purchase?
A: Everyone wants different things from their stereo unit. Because of this, replacement head units come in a wide selection, offering everything from standard radio-CD players to audio axillary and iPod inputs.