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CALL FOR BAREBONES:(469) 346-6340
CALL FOR BAREBONES:(469) 346-6340
Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Auto Repair Shop in Denton, TX

With more than a decade of experience in the automotive field, the staff from Barebones Auto & Diesel Repair can reliably satisfy all of your car's repair needs. Our auto repair shop is located in Denton, TX, and we only hire certified technicians who have the know-how to complete any type of repair efficiently. You'll be impressed with our fast, prompt service, and our friendly staff will treat you with courtesy and honesty.

Barebones offers a complete range of automotive services – from oil changes to engine replacements. We pride ourselves on expert service at unbeatable "barebones" prices. Unlike other shops, we don't upsell or pressure you to agree to repairs you may not need. Instead, we hope you'll return and tell your friends about the great service you receive.

Brake Service

If your car is alarmingly slow to stop or you hear a high squeaking noise while pressing down the brake pedal, contact us for a brake service. We'll check your brake pads, rotors and fluids.


If you're concerned about the health of your car's battery, we will load test it for you, and replace it if needed. We also sell Mighty Jump battery starters to save you from the hassle and potential damage caused by traditional jumper cables.

Check Engine Light

When you service engine light comes on, don't delay. Often, the service engine light can be set off by issues that are unrelated to the engine. The only way to understand what repairs might be needed is to read the electronic code or codes that triggered the light.

AC & Heating System Repairs

Whether you're in need of standard maintenance, such as an annual coolant flush, or your struggling to keep the temperature regulated inside your car, the experts at Barebones are prepared to help.

Suspension Repairs

A worn steering and suspension system can create premature tire wear, damage to your alignment, excess noises, and vibrations. Barebones technicians work on all suspension components including: bushings, sway arms, ball joints, center links, pitman arms, idler arms, tie rod ends, tie rod sleeves, struts, shock absorbers, coil springs, CV joints, CV boots, CV axle half shafts, springs, universal joints, and any other manufacturer specific components.

Emissions and Inspections

Barebones is a fully-certified state inspection facility. We also encourage customers who meet certain income requirements to apply for AirCheck Texas funding for emissions-related repairs.

In support of America's veterans, Barebones offers free state inspections to members of the military with proof of service.

Electrical Problems

Most mechanical functions of your vehicle rely on electronic components. Computers control air conditioning systems, starters, alternators, and other elements of your car. We’ll find the exact source of your problem so you aren’t wasting money on repairs that you don’t need.

Oil and Filter Changes

Don't neglect your vehicle! Make no mistake, oil changes are essential for a vehicle’s performance. Fresh oil is important for a smoothly operating car. If it’s that time of the year, stop by Barebones for a quick, reasonably priced, and quality oil change.


Barebones is proud to offer a full selection of tires at wholesale prices. To ensure we order the right tires to meet your needs, please call ahead.

Your parts

Barebones is one of very few shops where you are allowed to supply your own parts. However, under NO circumstance will we we warranty customer-supplied parts. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, we WILL NOT rediagnose a vehicle for a customer supplying parts, unless expressly requested before parts installation begins.

Contact our customer service associates to find out more about our impeccable, detailed services.